Azpilicueta reveals he can duel with anyone after training with Hazard

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Chelsea captain Cesar Azpilicueta has named former friend Eden Hazard as the toughest player to face. along with pointing out that he could duel with anyone because he practiced every day

The 33-year-old has been with the Blues for over a decade and has always faced Hazard at the best of his career in training. Which, when asked who is the most difficult opponent Azpilicueta Give it to the Belgian national football team ufabet. And revealed that training with Hazard every day allows him to duel with anyone in the world.

“The toughest opponent I’ve ever faced is Eden Hazard,” Azpilicueta told The Athletic. But I always say that training every day with Eden is what gives me a taste of Premier League football.

“To face the best players in the Premier League. It’s always one-on-one – I can bring that experience to the real game.”

“I’m ready to go up against anyone after meeting Eden every day.”

Azpilicueta gushed to The Athletic: “The hardest opponent I have faced was Eden Hazard.

“Obviously there were many in other teams, but I will always say training every day with Eden was something that gave me a good taste of the Premier League.

“To face the best player in the Premier League, always one against one — I could take that experience into the games.

“I was ready to face anyone after facing Eden every day.”